Robert Maximilian Rausch

Fester Gast

Born in Munich, Robert Oschmann grew up in Würzburg, Tübingen and Mainz. After his civilian service he went to Frankfurt in 2008 to study acting. He made his diploma in 2012 and went to Wilhelmshaven at the North Sea to work at the Landesbühne Niedersachsen-Nord for three years. 2015 he moved to Detmold to work at the local theater there. At these two rather small theaters, he had the luck to play big roles in some of world's most famous plays, such as Karl von Moor in F. Schiller's „The Robbers“, Stanley Kowalski in T. Williams' „A Streetcar Named Desire”, as well as Mephisto and Faust in Goethe's famous classic „Faust: A Tragedy”.

Since 2017 Robert Oschmann works as a freelancer and will, after parental leave, be a guest actor in two plays at the HLTM.