Simon Olubowale

Fester Gast

Born in Upper Austria, spent the first couple years of his life in Vienna, thereafter growing up on a mountain farm in Styria, this person studied drama at KUG (University of Music and performing Arts) in Graz, after completing his civil service. In the summer semester of 2018 he completed his studies. Prior to and during his time at University he performed in different places such as the living room of his childhood home, the nursery, but also the bathroom, at the Theaterzentrum Deutschlandsberg (short „TZ“), as Mrs. Lady Madame with „Cointreau on Ice“ at the MS Dockville, and also as a musician/singer in a choir and (briefly, but still) in bands and a small jazz combo. 

Starting season 2018/19 he will be a longterm member of the ensemble of Hessisches Landestheater Marburg.