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Biedermann und die Branstifter



Gottlieb Biedermann doesn’t want to be a bad person, and so he is willing to take in two people in need of a place to stay. These new guests, however, directly and openly start to engage in shady activities. Biedermann grows suspicious: did he bring the city’s arsonists to his home? But he decides to close his eyes to this possibility and due to his own cowardice, he misses a vital change where his action could have made a difference.


Großes Tasch


Saturday, 29.01.2022

Direction: Milena Mönch
Stage & costumes: Sophie Rieser
Music: Alex Röser
Dramaturgy: Lena Carle
Theatre pedagogy: Lotta Janßen
Direction assistance: Thessa Wähmann


Gottlieb Biedermann, ein Unternehmer Christian Simon
Amin, ein PolizistMetin Turan
Eisenring, eine Kellnerin Jorien Gradenwitz
Johann, die Seele des Hauses Biedermann Jürgen Helmut Keuchel
Schmitz, ein Taxifahrer Daniel Sempf
Babette Biedermann, eine Ärztin Ioana Nitulescu*

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  • Sa, 29.01.2022, , Premiere




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  • Sa, 29.01.2022, , Premiere

Es fehlt jetzt nur noch, dass sie mich um Streichhölzer bitten!

Biedermann und die Branstifter