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We asked ourselves how can theater react to current events? How relevant could a play be according to daily politics? So we took up the challenge with a group of scenography students, theater management and a young director discussing these questions in search for a play reacting to the times we live in.
It may be a classic play, a Shakespeare piece, something postmod- ern or absurd – we do not know yet. This project is a cooperation with the „Hochschule für Gestaltung“ allowing you to experience a young artists perspective of our present times. Enjoy the surprise.


Kleines Tasch


Saturday, 25.04.2020

Direction: Philip Lütgenau
Stage & costumes: Helene Payrhuber, Sophia Profanter
Dramaturgy: Philipp Scholtysik
Theatre pedagogy: Juliane Nowak
Direction assistance: Anne Decker


Sven Brormann
Jorien Gradenwitz
Jürgen Helmut Keuchel
Camil Morariu
Metin Turan


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  • We, 03.06.2020, 19.30 SUB Audiodescription

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Das Stück zur Zeit