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Anna Morawetz

Der Schnaps erkennt die Traurigkeit

/Debut performance

Contemporary drama


A class reunion after 20 years provides the perfect opportunity to reflect back at your own youth. You were sure, then, that you could have become anything you ever wanted, achieve all goals. You wanted to be different than your parents. Now, 20 years later, you start to compare: my house, my car ... And suddenly, you start to remember who is missing.

With minimalist and humorous dialogues, the past and present of three characters begin to merge and flow into one another.


Kleines Tasch


Saturday, 26.09.2020

Direction & costume: Anna Laner
Stage & costumes: Elke Auer
Music: Markus Steinkellner
Dramaturgy: Petra Thöring
Theatre pedagogy: Michael Pietsch
Direction assistance: Nathalie Glasow


Saskia Boden-Dilling
Anna-Sophie Fritz
Christian Simon

Curriculum relevant information

Jetzt stecken wir mitten in dem, was Leben gennant wird.

Der Schnaps erkennt die Traurigkeit