Christian Franke

Hannah! Das Erwachen eines politischen Bewusstsein

/Debut performance

Zeitgenössische Dramatik


The young student Hannah Arendt comes to Marburg and meets Martin Heidegger. In their shared passion for critical thought, they grow increasingly closer until their affection for each other begins to overshadow their lives. In this situation, Hannah meets her best friend, Rahel Varnhagen, who died 100 years ago. She introduces her to Jewish traditions. Hannah realizes her place as part of the Jewish community and becomes more interested in politics, but in the political climate of Germany at that time, this will soon become life-threateningly dangerous for her.


Kleines Tasch


Saturday, 11.12.2021

Direction: Christian Franke
Stage & costumes: Sabine Mäder
Music: Tim Roth
Dramaturgy: Christin Ihle
Direction assistance: Thessa Wähmann
Theatre pedagogy: Lotta Janßen


Saskia Boden-Dilling
Jorien Gradenwitz
Christian Simon

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  • Sa, 11.12.2021, , Premiere




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  • Sa, 11.12.2021, , Premiere

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Hannah! Das Erwachen eines politischen Bewusstsein