Sibylle Berg

Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter

Classroom productions


Lisa has a difficult life: her parents neglect her; on the way to school, she has to face a gang of teenagers who like to put her upside down in the trash can; nobody seems to like her. But one evening all of that changes. Aliens left someone behind their house: Klakalnamanazdta, whom Lisa simply calls Walter. It becomes her best friend. And as any real friend would do: step by step, it makes Lisa’s life better.

Sibylle Berg’s first play is for everyone who knows how important a good friend can be.

*Schauspielstudio Marburg - Kooperation zwischen dem HLTM und der Kunstuniversität Graz

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Wednesday, 23.09.2020

Dramaturgy: Lena Carle
Direction assistance: Thessa Wähmann
Mitarbeit Bühne & Kostüme: Nadja Duesterberg
Theatre pedagogy: Lotta Janßen
Direction: Liljan Halfen


Mia Wiederstein
Zenzi Huber

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Mein ziemlich seltsamer Freund Walter