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Mensch. Lass uns ein Wunder sein!

/Debut performance

Musikalische Produktion


Do you know that feeling? It’s Monday morning and there is just this blue feeling of melancholy, propelled by personal and global problems, the climate crisis, social injustice or just sheer stupid-ity. But what to do? Bury your head in the sand? No, no, no ... We are not alone! Come along and embark on a musical journey with songs by Rio Reiser. Because “Zauberland ist abgebrannt und brennt noch irgendwo” but there is still “Land in Sicht” and “Der Traum ist noch lange nicht aus.” For everyone who loves Rio Rei-ser and music and who still wants to see hope amidst times of despair.



Direction: Carola Unser
Stage & costumes: Jörn Fröhlich
Lighting design: Delia Naß
Theatre pedagogy: Michael Pietsch

Curriculum relevant information

Halleluja, der Turm stürzt ein.

Mensch. Lass uns ein Wunder sein!