The theater association ACTeasy e. V. has existed for over 20 years and has shaped the independent theater scene in Marburg from the very beginning. Now it presents itself with new faces and impulses, including its own artists' collective (in:acta), a cross-generational orientation, interdisciplinary approaches and a focus on political theater and activism.

We create and promote art by realizing our own projects and supporting others in their implementation - ideally, organizationally and artistically. Theater is our focus and what we believe in: an instrument for the cultural participation of all people, the promotion of democracy and social change. Visual, fine, digital and performative art forms also have a place with us. We work professionally, inclusively and integratively and create spaces that are liberal and free from discrimination of any kind.

In addition to the realization and promotion of theatrical, artistic and participatory projects, we also offer theater workshops: for children, young people and adults, for play or for further training. We see the current situation with its numerous restrictions as a creative challenge and an opportunity to develop digitally and create new formats.

Our network includes many sponsors and institutions as well as various other cooperation partners in addition to the HLTM, so that we have solid infrastructures, e.g. rehearsal and performance venues, but also experts in various fields. Our participants can also receive discounted admission to the performances of our cooperation partners.

Current cooperation partners: Jugendhaus Compass (office and rehearsal space), Amathéatron e. V., Forumgeht's? - Initiative für politisches Theater, Theater GegenStand e. V., blista e. V., Leppermühle - with the group "Mangelware", Galerie JPG, Waggonhalle Marburg, TNT (Theater neben dem Turm, G-Werk), KFZ, Hessisches Landestheater Marburg


You want to ...
... join an existing group or set up your own group
... realize your own project
... support us in the implementation of our projects
... have a workshop carried out or offer one yourself
... simply become creatively active, even if you don't yet know exactly in which direction?

You can find the current projects and further information at:
YouTube: ACTeasy Marburg
Facebook: ACTeasy
Instagram: acteasy_marburg