The greeting is short, concise and precise. Now you know, dear friends of the HLTM, that the Friends of the HLTM have their say. The "foreword".

It is mid-March, the sun is shining from a blue sky, but it is very dark in the east. So what does the "Foreword to the 2022/2023 season", which begins in September 2022, mean? What should you write in advance if you don't know much about the content?

I think the "foreword" is another way of saying hope. We hope that what is written after the foreword will actually happen, that the curtain will rise again in September 2022 for the fifth season of our artistic directors Eva Lange and Carola Unser with the wonderful team at the HLTM. The foreword is thus an expression of the Circle of Friends that it has not given up hope and confidence in theater. Theater is particularly important right now, but also at all other times. Because playing theater means that the world is still turning and that we can reflect not only on the problems of everyday life, but also on the moments of happiness in the evening with our theater friends in the theater.

So let's look forward to what the HLTM has prepared for us in the 2022/2023 season! Let's remain hopeful! Show your personal hope and confidence by joining the Friends of the HLTM!

Theater must be! 

Jürgen Bandte
1st Chairman of the Friends of the Hessisches Landestheater Marburg e. V.


Jürgen Bandte
1st Chairman
Phone: 06424. 92 31 21

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