Ticket sale for schools

Whether you would like to attend a play in the evening program or a morning performance with your class, whether you would like to purchase discounted tickets as a cooperation school or whether you would like to bring our mobile productions, classroom plays and readings to your school - please contact Jürgen Sachs and Max Linzner for all of this. 

If you would like to book our family play, please contact the artistic director, Laura Merzmann.

Contact Schulbuchung:
Jürgen Sachs
Leiter Theater und Schule 
Telefon: 06421. 99 02 37 
Mail: j.sachs@hltm.de

Contact Mobile Kindergartenproduktion:
Max Linzner
Telefon: 06421. 99 02 54
E-Mail: kindergartenstueck@hltm.de

Contact family play: 
Laura Merzmann
Referentin der Intendanz
Telefon: 06421. 99 02 33
Mail: familienstueck@hltm.de