Moment 1

In February, the racially motivated murder of nine innocent people who were stigmatized as culturally different because of their appearance took place in Hanau:

Ferhat, Gökhan, Hamza, Said Nessar, Mercedes, Sedat, Kaloyan, Fatih and Vili.

Racist attacks are messages that aim to exclude individuals and groups from society and deny them the right to a dignified life.

Racism manifests itself in many forms in our society, has many facets and is constantly finding new space.

We want to reflect on our social position and our racist character. We want to recognize, name and analyse racism.

We want to take a stand.

We want to show solidarity with people who are affected by discriminatory and inhuman hostility.

We want to contradict prejudices and attributions. 

At this point, we would also like to draw your attention to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation's "10 things you can do in the event of a racist attack".

You can also find a list of advice centers in the respective federal states and other important information at:

In order to take effective action against right-wing extremism, local activists need not only a great deal of courage and stamina, but also reliable funding for their projects. With a donation, you can help to ensure that right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism don't stand a chance in Germany. At this point, we would also like to refer you to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and its donation account:  

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
GLS Bank Bochum
IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 6005 0000 00

Further contact points in the Marburg-Biedenkopf district: Contact point for reporting racist incidents and getting advice

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