Bernardo Stefano  Asproni

Bernardo Stefano Asproni


was born in Seeheim-Jugenheim in southern Hesse in 1989 and studied art history and media studies at Martin Luther University in Halle an der Saale. From 2011 until today, he has been creating independent artistic works, which are realized both cinematically and digitally and also in collaboration with other independent artists.

Since completing his studies, he has created various animated films in cooperation with MDR ("Leipzig from above"), MLU and the Halle Planetarium ("Salt and Stars"). In 2018, he realized a film project in Pfungstadt an der Bergstraße with the Pfungstadt City Museum and primary school pupils from the Erich Kästner School on the topic of "My teddy bear becomes a movie star".

He has been teaching 3D animation at Martin Luther University in Halle an der Saale since 2020.