Christian Keul


Christian Keul, born in 1979, studied music education and German language and literature in Frankfurt am Main and has been working as a theater musician for around 15 years since completing his studies. 

He has accompanied small and large productions as musical director, répétiteur, composer, pianist, bass player and playing partner. He has worked primarily in Marburg and Giessen, but also in Eisenach, Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden and Hildesheim.

In Marburg, for example, he has recently been musically responsible for the productions "Mein Platz, Dein Platz", "Cabaret" and "Ab jetzt Zusammen", while the musical "Lazarus" is currently running in Giessen, which he is supervising as musical director and pianist.

In addition to his work in the theater, he plays in various bands, works on his own musical projects and teaches at the music school in Marburg, among other places.

Christian Keul lives in Giessen and has two children.