Gabriela  Neubauer

Gabriela Neubauer

Born in Vienna, she studied scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Since 2011 she is working as freelance stage- and costumedesigner. 

She developed her very first works at the Theater Neumarkt in Zurich i.a. with Anna Papst, Jens Rachut and Robert Gerloff. She continued collaborating with Eva Lange at the Schauspielhaus Chemnitz, the Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord and the Staatstheater Kassel. Together with Dominik von Gunthen she worked at the Theater Biel/Solothurn, with Schirin Khodadadian at the Staatstheater Braunschweig and with Anne Spaeter at the Stadttheater Bremerhaven. Her common work with Robert Gerloff lead her to the Schauspielhaus Basel, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Theater Bonn and Volkstheater Wien. She also works continuously at the Theater Regensburg.