Jorien Gradenwitz

Jorien Gradenwitz was born in Baden Württemberg and grew up in Hesse. Before studying acting at Graz University of the Arts, she assisted at Schauspiel Frankfurt. She has been a permanent member of the ensemble at the Hessisches Landestheater Marburg since 2018. In Marburg, she has appeared in productions including CABARET (director: Carola Unser) as Sally Bowles, in GLAUBE LIEBE HOFFNUNG (director: Eva Lange) as Elisabeth, KIRSCHGARTEN (director: Schirin Khodadadian) as Dunjascha, in AMSTERDAM (director: Eva Lange) and in HANNAH! DAS ERWACHEN EINES POLITISCHEN BEWUSSTSEINS (director: Christian Franke) as Hannah. In addition, Jorien Gradenwitz was involved as an ensemble spokeswoman, led the "Agora Bande" together with Zenzi Huber and developed the formats "mit einem Ohr im Theater", "mein blaues Klavier" and the appeal "Liebesbriefe ans Theater" during the Corona Lockdowns. In addition to her work as an actress, Jorien Gradenwitz is committed to greater gender sensitivity on, behind and next to the stage.