Michael Frayn

Der nackte Wahnsinn



Work at a theater can sometimes be pure chaos. If something can go wrong, it will. As the provincial theater group around Lloyd Fellowes will find out, when they get lost in the absurdity of theatre life that consists of the search for contact lenses, dis-cussions about unmotivated exits from the stage and interper-sonal conflicts.

One of the best-known comedies has come to Marburg. Its rhythm, pace, and accurate choreography turns it into an event that nobody should miss. It is a declaration of love for theater and the moment when the curtain is pulled up.


Großes Tasch


Monday, 18.04.2022

Direction: Dominik Günther
Stage & costumes: Sandra Fox
Dramaturgy: Lotta Seifert
Theatre pedagogy: Michael Pietsch
Direction assistance: Vivien Janke
Prompting: Silke Knauff
Theatre pedagogy: Michael Pietsch


Dotty Otley (Mrs. Clackett)Lisa Grosche
Garry Lejeune (Roger Tramplemain)Ben Knop
Brooke Ashton (Vicki)Zenzi Huber
Frederick Fellows (Philip Brent / Scheich)Sven Brormann
Belinda Blair (Flavia Brent)Nina Sarita Balthasar
Selsdon Mowbray (Einbrecher)Daniel Sempf
Lloyd Dallas (Regisseur)Jürgen Helmut Keuchel
Poppy Norton-Taylor (Regie-Assistentin)Charlotte Ronas
Tim Allgood (Inspizient)Robert Maximilian Rausch

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  • Mo, 18.04.2022, , Premiere




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  • Mo, 18.04.2022, , Premiere

Auftritte, Abgänge. Sardinen rein, Sardinen raus. Das ist Theater. Das ist Leben.

Der nackte Wahnsinn