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Rebekka Kricheldorf

Die Guten



The four cardinal Virtues, Fortitudo, Justitia, Temperantia, and Prudentia, meet every ten years to evaluate the socio-political behavior. Where for millennia pride, greed, and lust were high on people’s agendas, a turning point has finally come! Now sustain- ability, empathy, and group solidarity characterize the collective consciousness. Everyone should be satisfied now, but the four Virtues are skeptical.

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Saturday, 10.02.2024

Direction & stage: Angelika Zacek
Costume: Julia Klug
Musikalische Beratung: Christian Keul
Dramaturgy: Petra Thöring
Theatre pedagogy: Mia Scarcello
Regieassistenz & Inspizienz: Henriette Seier
Prompting: Isa Perski


Fortitudo, 2500 Jahre altFanny Holzer
Justitia, 2500 Jahre altCharlotte Ronas
Temperantia, 2500 Jahre altSven Brormann
Prudentia, 2400 Jahre altUlrike Walther

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