© Jan Bosch
© Jan Bosch
© Jan Bosch
© Jan Bosch

Thomas Melle, in einer eigenen Bühnenfassung des HLTM

Die Welt im Rücken



When you think you know yourself, but then you know you don’t. When the ground beneath your feet begins to tremble, and the world-as-you-know-it turns upside-down. When there is no one you can count on, not even yourself. When you are no longer connected to reality itself. What is left? Shortlisted for the German Book Prize, Thomas Melle’s radical, autobiographical novel addresses life on the edge for a man looking down the barrel of bipolar disorder, while offering an arresting narrative about the vulnerability of the human condition.

Hier geht es zur Materialmappe zum Stück.


Kleines Tasch

Direction: Eva Lange
Stage & costumes: Ulrike Obermüller
Dramaturgy: Christin Ihle
Theatre pedagogy: Juliane Nowak


Mechthild Grabner
Zenzi Huber
Christian Simon

Curriculum relevant information

Etwas stimmte also nicht. Ich meinte: Mit der Welt. Er meinte natürlich: Mit mir.

Die Welt im Rücken