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© Jan Bosch
© Jan Bosch
© Jan Bosch

Jette Büshel & Ensemble


/Debut performance

For people whose curiosity won't let them sit still, in whom hope bounces and hops. Those who hop have confidence, those who hope have it too. Both are a confident inner focus, paired with a positive attitude of expectation, although there is no certainty that the desired will happen - simply being optimistic in the temporality. Being curious about what is about to happen. The glowing ball bounces back and forth, from one to the next. Again and again it discovers new things and gets to know its environment. And if it doesn't feel like bouncing, there's always someone or something that can rekindle its hope.
Jette Büshel, a student at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main, will be taking the ensemble on a journey to explore this hopeful hopping for people aged 3 and above. Together we want to go looking for the feeling that makes our hearts leap.

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Mini Tasch


Sunday, 18.09.2022

Direction: Jette Büshel
Theatre pedagogy: Max Linzner
Dramaturgy: Petra Thöring


Anke Hoffmann
Georg Santner