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Kristo Šagor

Ich lieb dich


The greatest feeling in the world. Perhaps the most important words. How can we be sure that we love? Lia and Julian are on a quest. For the greatest feeling and the right words for it. Lia loves lemon ice cream and definitely loved his guinea pig Muppi. What about her parents, who sometimes argue, and might even split up? Then there are Julian's grandparents, who have been sitting together on the swing, drinking tea for fortyfour and a half years. Their love moves with the seasons.

In ICH LIEB DICH, Kristo Šagor poses profound and light-hearted questions about the feelings that make us human and how we deal with them: The love that can come and go, the fear, the loss of loved ones.

For all people aged 8 and above who want to experience love and know that it is everything and who rely on its power to change.

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Direction: Dominique Enz
Theatre pedagogy: Michael Pietsch
Stage & costumes: Marina Rengel Lucena
With: Jorien Gradenwitz, Georg Santner

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