© Cornelius Reitmayr
© Cornelius Reitmayr
© Cornelius Reitmayr




On August 26, 2021, the last evacuation flight of the German Armed Forces leaves Kabul Airport. It takes off and disappears on the horizon. And with it, Afghanistan disappears, even for Ariana. What the German-Afghan protagonist Ariana has left in LANDSFRAU are memories. As the last plane takes off, her thoughts and impressions unfold.

Biographical episodes, nostalgia and fantasy stories, Afghan music and choreographic elements - through Ariana, these intertwine like a collage and become fleeting images of an Afghanistan that may never have existed. A solo evening about her life in the diaspora - with its problems and privileges. For everyone aged 14 and over.

German and Dari, with surtitles in Dari/German and English

Content note:

In this production, (anti-Muslim) racism is addressed on a linguistic and musical level.

The character shows strong emotions.

Some moments of the play may cause discomfort. It is possible to leave the room at any time.


Sensory stimuli:

Sudden musical effects, rapid changes of light and loud music are used at several points.

Fragrance diffusers with rose water containing the following components are used: Water, rose oil, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, natural essential oil ingredients.



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