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Four episodes of DAZWISCHEN


Episode 1: ARCHIVE // 16.11.2023
To explore the DAZWISCHEN, we first go to the ARCHIVE. Simon Olubowale plays his film CASSIOPEIA I for us and Master Hora's turtle takes us into literary variations of a memory of the time between being a child and never being a child again.

Episode 2: KORSINSKY // 15.02.2024
February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH and Magda Korsinsky is coming to LIVE IM STUDIO! The work of the Berlin choreographer, screen print and installation artist is characterized by the exploration of everyday gestures, scenes and experiences. The conversation is about the subversive power of art. Not only, but also on the occasion of BLACK HISTORY MONTH and the ongoing search for happiness, still crackling with promise beneath the rubble and debris of the now.

LIVE IM STUDIO was created in the 2022/2023 season and explored the FUTURE there. Next up is DAZWISCHEN in the 2023/2024 season, which raises a few questions!
How do we get from one period to the next? What lies in between? What happens in the space in between, what happens in the time in between?

Is spacetime always relative? {QE}
Now we are here and what we do today lends its meaning to the past, while the past lends its meanings to us.

[[*EX POST* Posteriority means that an earlier event only acquires meaning through a later one: when it happened, it only happened, took place, perhaps even passed / other things happened in between and some of them in context / but others too]]

Because: we move in between.
Between here and there. Between before and after.
... the journey is the destination, the journey is a rose ...
Through the night into the morning through the day into the night. In the middle. In between. Through it.

Illustrious guests, rich bass and tender thoughts are spun into what drives us: the search for happiness, still crackling with promise beneath the rubble and debris of the now.






Kleines Tasch

of and with: Matti Traußneck


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