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Sophia Guttenhöfer

Move it

/Debut performance

What moves you, and what motivates you?
When does movement take place? When should something move, and when should it remain motionless? Where does movement take place, and where does it stay absent? With people from the age of 12, we explore these questions at eye level, look for answers and more questions, and weave it all together into a great question-and-answer game for the classroom. For all those who solve and invent puzzles, have always wanted to dance on school desks, and would like to be part of a youth movement.

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approx. 45 minutes


Tuesday, 14.11.2023

Concept & choreography: Sophia Guttenhöfer
Dramaturgie & Musik: Ia Tanskanen
Theatre pedagogy: Lotta Janßen
Direction assistance: Nathalie Glasow


AdeleEmil Behrenbeck
Faris Saleh

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