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Georg Büchner




The historical paragon, Johann Christian Woyzeck, was born in Leipzig on January 3, 1780, a son of a wigmaker. He was born into a devilish system of violence. Out of jealousy, he stabbed the 46-year-old widow Johanna Christiane Woost to death. In Büchner’s work, Woyzeck is a soldier and makes a meager living. He improves it by hiring himself out for menial tasks, for there is Marie and his illegitimate child Christian. When Marie betrays him, fear, impulse, and hatred burst out.

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Lilian Heeb and Johanna Schwaiger are part of the Schauspielstudio Marburg - cooperation between the HLTM and the University of Art and Design Graz




Saturday, 17.02.2024

Direction: Eva Lange
Stage: Cosima Wanda Winter
Lighting design: Dennis Wießner
Music: Christian Keul
Dramaturgy: Christin Ihle
Theatre pedagogy: Max Linzner
Microport-Inspizienz & Regieassistenz: Nathalie Glasow
Stage manager: Xenia Strauss
Prompting: Silke Knauff
Costume assistance: Maja Lindenmayer
Dramaturgy and direction assistant: Dilara Erdogu


AdeleEmil Behrenbeck
Saskia Boden-Dilling
Jorien Gradenwitz
Lilian Heeb
Zenzi Huber
Georg Santner
Johanna Schwaiger
Christian Simon

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