Ewe Benbenek


/German debut performance

Contemporary drama


How to begin, what words to use to lay a trail, to pave the way, but it has to start, it has to be done. The voices rise up and search for a path or perhaps even a way out by speaking and using language. A way out of all the narratives that describe them, that tell them who and what they are. They always hear the same thing. Attributions that diminish them, that take them in, that refuse to grant them their own space, that determine their thoughts, actions and speech. They should be quiet, hardworking and diligent, they should make an effort, have children and speak German, they should just not stand out.

The speakers are seekers. They have grown up confronted with the longing for the wine-red passport that was supposed to make so much possible. They have arrived in a country that was only supposed to open up certain places for them, until now. They begin to talk. About their journey, the journey of their parents and grandparents, about their chosen sisterhood. Memories intertwine with questions about their own position in society.

They are goddesses, the seekers. Goddesses of everyday life. Despite everything, they will hopefully bring forth a new future, dancing through the night, speaking and not to be ignored.

In her text TRAGÖDIENBASTARD, which was awarded the Mülheim Drama Prize in 2021 and the Schiller Memorial Prize in 2022, Ewe Benbenek describes experiences of migration, generational conflicts and, above all, the question of one's own identity. With an urgency that forces us to question the narratives with which we would so love to break down the world in all its complexity.

For all people aged 14 and above who are seekers, who want to discover the empowering power of speaking and form a new "we" without excluding others.

We thank Nathalie Glasow and Thessa Wähmann.


Kleines Tasch


Saturday, 13.05.2023

Direction: Romy Lehmann
Stage & costumes: Hannah von Eiff
Dramaturgy: Christin Ihle
Theatre pedagogy: Michael Pietsch
Direction assistance: Laetitia Schroeter
Stage manager: Laetitia Schroeter, Phin Mindner
Soufflage & Statisterie: Eszter Sonnevend
Sprechtraining polnische Sprache: Iwona Dorota Nowacki


Jorien Gradenwitz
Ulrike Walther
Mia Wiederstein
Marie Wolff

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