Warum das Kind in der Polenta kocht

Novel adaptation


Aglaja Veteranyi has written a gruesomely beautiful novel about a family of artists from the perspective of a child who walks a tightrope every day in merciless hope for the future. In a world where bodies count, illusion and appearance are inscribed and hope is high.

She writes about the path she took as a child with her parents from Romania. This unmanageable crossing of the border into so-called freedom. About this strange world, the shadow of the threatening foreignness - the hard social change, as well as the crazy language change. 

Foreignness remains foreign, the longing to arrive, to speak one's own language remains a challenge, the hard training of the artistic family becomes an assault, the deportation to boarding school becomes a creepy fairy tale. Veteranyi has transformed this, her, life battle into a surreal fairy tale full of poetry and gruesome beauty, in which everything is observed with the astonished eyes of a child. 

Six women confront this personal story on stage, they rewind and rewind their own world, the memories are shifted into one another, taken apart, the search for one's own place in the world is driven forward with breathless urgency, the absolute necessity of being seen, of being perceived becomes an emotional odyssey to one's own self. 

Nino Haratischwili has faced this world as a director and made the circus wagon dance for us. Let us swirl - between dream and reality, splendor and softened earth, between being a child and being an adult and let us embrace and move these two worlds. For everyone aged 16 and above.

**Actors from the Royal District Theater Tbilisi.

Please note:

The play will be performed in German and Georgian. The Georgian dialog will be shown with German surtitles.

Content warning:

This production contains various forms of violence, including sexualized violence.

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A co-production between the Royal District Theater Tbilisi and the HLTM as well as the Schloßtheater Fulda. 

Supported by the Federal Foreign Office and the Civil Society Cooperation.


Großes Tasch


Friday, 21.04.2023

Direction: Nino Haratischwili
Stage: Julia B. Nowikowa
Costume: Camilla Daemen
Music: Nestan Bagration-Davitashvili
Video: Zaza Rusadze
Choreography: Wara Cajias Ponce
Dramaturgy: Petra Thöring
Theatre pedagogy: Mia Scarcello
Direction assistance: Nathalie Glasow
Stage manager: Xenia Strauss
Übertitelung : Teo Goshadze


Saskia Boden-Dilling
Baia Dvalishvili
Anke Hoffmann
Zenzi Huber
Nata Murvanidze
Anano Makharadze

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